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FoxOMS becomes Sonderplan

We’re pleased to announce the launch of, a new service entering BETA stage, that stands on the shoulders of FoxOMS.

New Booking logs make it simple to view the complete history of your schedule and bookings

This week we released some big improvements to the booking preview screen, adding a booking history log, linked project and client previews as well as work order, quote and invoice summaries.

New Feature: Sync FoxOMS quotes and invoices with Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks and more

We've added two new triggers to our Zapier integration, so now you can set up automated and painless syncing of quotes and invoices from FoxOMS resource scheduling to your accounting software.

Why is Resource Scheduling important in Projects?

Time and money are usually in short supply, so clever utilisation is the key to delivering projects on time and on budget. In this article, we examine why resource scheduling is so important for successfully delivering projects.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is now supported by FoxOMS

One less password to remember, now you can connect our resource scheduling tool with GSuite, Okta, Azure and Onelogin for a more secure and simpler login to FoxOMS for your team.

Connect FoxOMS with 2000+ apps, announcing Zapier integration in BETA

Wouldn't it be great if you could create a booking via slack? Or perhaps automatically send an email to the Producers when a project is created. Zapier makes integrating FoxOMS with other apps easy.

Introducing Advanced Calendar Feeds

Our new Advanced Calendar feeds help keep your bookings updated in the calendar apps you love and now come with the options to export more booking information.

Rebuilding the Admin Resources User Interface

We've made some big interface changes and performance improvements to our Admin -> Resources page, allowing easier resource management of large (1000+) resource datasets.

Invoice your booking's expenses with Work Orders

Billing correctly for the services you deliver keeps your business sustainable. Our new work orders feature makes it easy to invoice for everything that is not covered under hourly or daily resource fees.

Complete access to your data, FoxOMS Developer REST API Launched

You own the bookings and projects you put into FoxOMS, now you can access them programatically with the new FoxOMS REST API. Today's announcement opens a whole new world of integration possibilities.

Completely Custom Quotes & Invoices with Templates

Get ready to unleash your brand's uniqueness with our new quote / invoice templates. HTML and CSS friendly to give nearly unlimited styling options.

Expanding Custom Fields to more Modules

Improve your business analysis with the capture and display of more of your custom booking data in more places across FoxOMS with this new update.

Squeezing in one more update for 2015

2015 saw the launch of FoxOMS 2.0 schedule software, and we look forward to many more exciting features and improvements to make FoxOMS the best scheduling app in 2016!

Create Invoices from Bookings on your Schedule

FoxOMS now offers 'one click' quotes and invoices by utilising the bookings already in your Schedule. This has been made possible with the introduction of Rate Schemes, our solution to Rate Cards.

New Feature: Email Notifications

FoxOMS will keep you up to date with changes to your resource schedule and bookings delivered directly to your inbox, with our new email notifications feature.

New Keyboard Shortcuts for the Scheduling App

Keyboard warriors rejoice, FoxOMS now has new keyboard shortcuts to make copying, cutting and pasting bookings on the schedule tool faster and easier than ever before.

We have lift off, FoxOMS 2.0 launches into the cloud(s)

We're excited to finally launch FoxOMS 2.0, a complete rethink (and rewrite) of what resource scheduling software should look like for creative agencies in 2015.