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New Feature: Email Notifications

We are excited to announce that due to popular demand, email notifications have been added in FoxOMS 2.1, allowing you to keep updated on changes to bookings, tasks and projects you are associated with.

This major release adds a new email notification feature that will keep your staff updated on changes to bookings they are associated with. Notifications are sent to staff when they’ve been added to a booking, or when a booking they’ve been added to has been updated or deleted. The email notifications contain a ‘differential’ view of the booking so that you can understand the changes made with a quick glance. The highly anticipated FoxOMS update 2.1 has been rolled out to all clients.

New Booking Email Notification

Other Changes

FoxOMS 2.1 also added organizations to the client menu, added the client menu to projects, added task ID’s, increased the login session timeout and fixed many bugs.

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